Want to get tattooed?

Catharsis Tattoo Logo. Naples,Florida

Must be at least 18 years old!

Steven does not tattoo minors. You will need to have your drivers license or a photo ID with you at the time of your appointment. Birthday coming up soon? You may set up an appointment for the day of or after your birthday, so long as you will be 18 when you get your tattoo!

Consultations are free!

Contact to set your consultation appointment! Have your ideas ready, any reference images you may want to bring, and be open to creative input! It’s YOUR tattoo, so let’s make it unique to you! Steven will not recreate any tattoo exactly as it was done by someone else. At your consultation, after all ideas are discussed, you will receive  an  estimate  for  your  tattoo,  and  set a  deposit  for  your  appointment date.  Click  below  for  more  info  on  deposits  and  pricing!  

Family & Friends

Steven understands the importance of having family or friends with you while getting your tattoo, however, a crowd can cause problems in the workspace! This is why he asks you to bring no more than 2 people with you to your appointment! Thanks ahead of time.

Appointment Preparation

Here’s how to be prepared…

- Be well rested, and eat a meal before your appointment.

- Don’t consume alcohol, drugs, or anything to cause impairments in your system.

- Be clean!


- At the time of your consultation, you will review a waiver. If there are any medical conditions listed on that waiver that you believe may affect your experience, you will declare them and have doctor approval in writing on appointment day to accompany that waiver.

- Bring any items you need to occupy your mind. ie. Headphones, book, etc...

- We will take breaks throughout your tattoo if it is a large enough piece; you may eat or drink during breaks, so bring snacks!

- Have your method of payment planned ahead of time! 

- Don’t have other plans that will put time constraints on your tattoo! There are many factors that can extend the time of an estimated session so make sure you are free and flexible on the day of your appointment.

Steven retains the right to refuse service if certain instructions are not followed!

Out of state clients

While pricing is done in person, if you live out of state and can’t  make a trip for your consultation you may contact via email. A consultation can be done online in this case, and arrangements will be made within that process. Please be prepared with your idea, a rough size estimate, any reference pictures you may have, and details regarding the piece! If you are wanting a coverup, please send a clear well lit picture of the tattoo and surrounding area that you would like covered along with the email!

10% discount to active military, veterans, first responders, and NCH employees with valid ID.